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Party Guidelines: No worries! It's Just a few rules...
we swear.

Company Policy and Guidelines.  
- * Parties can always be rescheduled but A non-refundable Deposit is required to reserve a date and any partial refund for cancelling will be less the 50% deposit.
- All remaining balances must be paid in full on Date of or prior to the day of the event.

- We...
- value our customer’s privacy and will work with any NDA or other contracts as needed.
- have a zero tolerance policy on workplace harassment.
- have a zero tolerance policy on workplace violence.
- reserve the right to refuse to set up outdoor games in inclement or Dangerous Weather such as but not limited too; Rain, Hail, and Tornadoes.
- We reserve the right to cancel our participation in any event  (with no refund) if the venue is  found to be unsafe, dangerous or unruly beyond control - Parties Pronto will end an event if we observe any intentional destruction of games or activities, illicit Drug use, or fighting: and as a result; if ended early or canceled due to violence no refund will be given. no refunds for cancellations less than 24 hours from event's reservation Date. 

- We
- will be good stewards of our customer’s time and respectful of their property.
- will tread lightly on grass and wipe our feet before we enter your home.  
- will be good stewards of hospitality.- We will be on time, courteous, and professional

 (We strive to make every occasion better by providing fun, safe and entertaining games for each of your events.
- Most events require about an hour for set up and an hour of breakdown.
- reserving Prime weekends, Holidays, and over night events will be extra and are subject to being paid in full at time of reservation.

*Some Games may have additional fees or space requirements due to size or use of water, fire, electricity, or safety personnel. 
* “By the Party Games” are one flat price per party and Do not usually require a referee. These games remain set up through the duration of your event and are open for play with supplies set out for your guest to use at will.
*"By the Hour games"  are Based on a one time charge and an hourly referee rate. These Games are specialty order, larger, or carnival style games that require attending referees to help guests with rules, game play and resetting games as needed throughout the duration of your event.


*Games can be played for the sake of entertainment or Set up for contest and competitions that emphasize team work.

*Our Clients may also additionally prepay to receive game tickets so that your attending guest may play for prizes.

*Additional tickets can be purchased at anytime from the on-site referees.
*Parties Pronto is based out of Georgia. 
* Parties have a delivery fee based on distance if Out of state, and will have an additional transportation service charge.
* Over night or unsupervised rentals are available and will cost extra.*
*Referee fee is per hour per referee.

*Email or Call for more Details and prices. 


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